Uncoated duplex board with grey back

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    Best Paper Board of Kuan Yuan Paper


    • Style:Recycled,Others
    • Type:Others

    Key Features

    Uncoated duplex board with grey back
    Main base weight: 300 gsm

    Characteristics: Good printability; whiteness on the surface is even; use clean recycled white paper.

    Applications: Suitable for high grade color-printed boxes having non-gloss appearance.
    Kuan Yuan Paper, a professional paperboard manufacturer, was established in 1964. Up to now, we have developed several main products such as coated duplex boards, chip boards, uncoated duplex boards, and kraft boards. We have insisted on producing high quality paper products, offering customers fast services and helping customers solve problems.

    The annual production of our mills reaches up to 200,000 tons. Recycled waste paper is used extensively, with the percentage as high as more than 90%. Moreover, sewage water and waste materials are treated properly by transforming them into re-usable resources; that is, we try our best to recycle all the resources. That means when the consumers use the Kuan Yuan products, they may not only feel the delicate paper surface but also contribute some reduction of the impact on the environment.

    If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us here: kycm@ kyp.com.tw
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